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Acrylic Extensions

If you want beautiful nails and have weak or brittle nails, you may prefer acrylic nail extensions, a great choice for this drier, high desert climate. We apply the acrylic extensions in pink and white or finish the service off with gel or traditional polish of your choice.

Gel Extensions

Gel extensions are very popular because they are more flexible than acrylic extensions and are far more environmentally friendly. They can be finished with any gel or traditional polish of your choice or a french application is always a classic.


Essential Pedicure

Your Essential pedicure starts with a soak in a warm jetted whirlpool footbath. Then the shaping of the nails is followed with the grooming of the cuticles, and your feet and calves are exfoliated with a salt scrub mixture of sea salt and safflower oil. Next, lotion is applied to moisturize and renew your skin, including a massage of the lower legs and feet. A gel or traditional polish is then applied in the color of your choice.

Express Pedicure

The Express Pedicure is the Essential Pedicure, minus the salt scrub and massage, for our clients who are on-the-go.


Essential Manicure

Manicures start with a shaping of the nail, followed with a warm hot oil soak. Cuticles are groomed and your hands and arms are exfoliated with a salt scrub. Lotion is applied to moisturize and renew your skin. We finish with a full hand and arm massage and a polish application in gel or a traditional lacquer of your choice.

Express Manicure

The Express Manicure is the essential manicure minus the salt scrub and the massage, for those clients with places to be.

Polish Change

A Polish Change consists of an application of traditional lacquer or gel polish.


Gel Enhancements

Gel manicures and pedicures are a very popular option because they create lasting color and high gloss shine while strengthening your natural nails. You can choose any shade of polish or a french application. Gel products that we carry are CND Shellac, Gelish, OPI and Luxio by Akzentz.

Gel Overlays

Gel product is applied directly onto your natural nails providing stability with the advantage of flexibility with no filing or thinning of the nail plate. Treatment Gels are used to build strong natural nails. We finish with a gel polish color of your choice or a pink and white french option to refine your look.